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How to Use Humor in Your Speech

Humor and comedy that is written and used in speeches is an art form. When used correctly, it can make a point stand out, capture attention, amuse the audience, and even answer an anticipated question. How do you create this type of humor? It should be written and delivered with subtlety and precision. It is commonly agreed upon that humor is a powerful method for getting your message heard by your audience. We at The Humor Writers believe in this so strongly that it has become serious business for us.

Everyone from CEO’s, Professional Athletes, Corporate Executives, to various Politicians from Senators to Mayors , as well as Keynote Speakers and Public Figures, have found that adding appropriate and cutting-edge humor and comedy to their Presentation or Speech is magic for winning over the crowd. How do we know? Well, that is who we are helping on a daily basis. Not only do they want several tailored comedic lines added to their talk, they want coaching on how to most effectively deliver it.

Why do these professionals want to use correctly written humor in their speech? Aren’t they already influencers that can simply state the content facts and expect it to be heard by everyone? Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Have you ever been sitting in the audience at a ceremony, charity function, campaign event, or keynote talk and have been so bored by the monotone style of the speaker and dull content that you pulled out your smartphone to check Facebook? Well, I have witnessed it and admittedly performed that disrespectful act (once, maybe twice). I’m sorry, but if it’s flat, dull speeches vs. status updates and emails- the latter wins for most.

The job of the Public Speaker, regardless of the message, is to make sure that message gets heard by bringing meaning to the facts. They can do this through their energy, movements, and humor. Their job is to motivate or inspire the audience to a cause, belief, or action.

How can using humor be advantageous? For starters, it makes you more likeable to your crowd. People like those who can make them laugh. I proudly say that I love it even if my pastor makes jokes during his sermon. Second, it captures the audience’s attention, increases interest and gets them to connect with you on an emotional level. This goes hand-in-hand with making you more likeable. Thirdly, it will emphasize the ideas, main points, or highlights that you most want your audience to leave with. People naturally remember the points that made them laugh a little. Do I dare detail the humorous points of my pastor’s sermon? Let’s just say it had to do with a couple’s intimacy, but it definitely got the women’s ears to perk. Lastly, it disarms hostility, antagonists, negative thinkers, and lightens up heavy material. Hence, the pastor’s message, without the humor to lift the heaviness off the topic, he probably would have caused members to get up and leave or receive some badgering and complaining emails (which he even joked about). Instead, I observed how he subtly used truth in a humorous light to get his message heard, and was able to engage the audience so much that they were standing up and clapping. Now that is the reaction every speaker desires from their crowd. With a little speech writing help from professional comedy writers, you can deliver a great message too.