People Who Think We Rock

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“Todd’s team of Hollywood punch-up artists & script doctors are some of the smartest and funniest pros you’ll ever find. Whether you need quotable closing remarks…or hilarious bits to augment your teaching points, contact them before your friends do.”

– Ross Shafer, 6-time Emmy winner & National Speakers Hall of Famer

“What makes Todd such a great storyteller… he’s a good listener.” 

– Mike Ross, Owner of Delicious Vinyl 

“I’ve worked with Todd Sawyer on many projects over the years. His brand of smart comedy and untiring work ethic is a perfect mix to help executives who need to make an impact as speakers in the corporate sector.” 

-Mark L. Walberg, Host of Antiques Roadshow on PBS

“Todd is a pro’s pro. Fast, friendly and funny. It is always our pleasure to work with him.” 

– Tom Forest, Executive Producer, Tailgate Productions

“The Humor Writers prepared me for my media interviews and sales pitch. They gave me focus and just the right amount of light-heartedness to make my points known.” 

– Rickard Elmore, Newport Beach, CA

“Adam is a real good writer. Smart. Funny. Talented. He’s good. If you need jokes, he can write ’em. (Adam did not write this.)”
– Bonnie McFarlane, comedian [Showtime, Comedy Central, Opie & Anthony] 

“Adam, the roast was a hit.  I still have people coming up to me and telling me how good and how funny it was.  You saved the day.  I had to give the roast in front of 300 people and was a tad nervous… but it was hilarious and perfect for the occasion…  a home run.  I am so thankful for your help and talent.”

-Catherine Thomas Andrews (attorney , Wilson, NC)