Ways We Help

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The Humor Writers is an awarding winning and creative staff of comedy writers with decades of experience writing and working in the entertainment industry. 

We provide comedy material to professional speeches for Celebrities, Athletes, Corporate Executives, Politicians, as well as Public and Keynote Speakers. Our goal is to produce effective laugh moments for your speech or presentation. We listen to your needs, and help you create dynamic, humorous, entertaining and appropriate material for your audience.

And if you are looking to simply add jokes to any speech or presenation, then we’ll help you make those too.


How important is your speech tonight? What does it mean to your career or company?  Every word of every corporate keynote address, television commercial, political speech, awards ceremony banter, and comedic script for late-night talk show hosts, was written by a professional writer.  These people need to be absolutely compelling and rise to the gold standard of professional speaking; and so do you.   We offer the assurance and advantage that comes from having expertly crafted words, enhanced by powerful laugh moments.

Our job is to provide your speech or presentation with some laughter addition by lacing your speech with jokes, or by turning your talking points into laughing points. Whatever it is you need to present yourself, your organization, campaign, or your platform in a humorous light, we will do so by adding a comedic edge to your speech or presentation.

Speechwriting and Coaching

We can write the entire speech or add funny punch-ups. Jokes are not our only talent.

We also provide coaching on your Corporate Presentations and Political Speeches, Acceptance Speeches, Comedy Monologues, Wedding Toasts and Comedy Roasts. We have successfully worked with organizations and speakers for a variety of venues, including Galas and Fundraisers, Sales Conferences, Awards Ceremonies, Private Events, Political Talks and Town Hall meetings.

Create Soundbites

We will create a memorable line for your platform that will get people talking about your campaign. Politicians and Speech Writers know how valuable this is. 


We can re-write manuscripts and books. Or we can simply take your manuscript to the next phase, which is to completion.

Viral Videos/ VLOG

Short (generally 1-5 min) videos that entertain and get attention online through platforms such as Youtube or posted on your own website. Videos such as these draw buzz and followers to your brand , website and social media pages, which also help increase site rankings and organic SEO. We fully produce the video from top to bottom.

Novelty Videos

Videos often used for in-house meeting or event purposes, to entertain and welcome the group. They are completely customized to the particulars of your group and formats can vary widely.


  • A spoof of a popular sitcom starring your people, parodying a famous TV show’s iconic beginning sequence and theme music (i.e. Modern Family) and style.
  • A Conan O’Brien-style “moving lips” video with celebrities speaking directly to your assembled group.
  • A Saturday Night Live ‘Weekend Update’ format with anchors reading headline news stories relating to your group.
PowerPoint Presentations

Our PowerPoint presentations will be highly entertaining, enhanced with humor and can feature either a pre-recorded and produced audio track or live event narration by the client.

Social Media

Highlights, jokes and humor enhancement to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, etc. You name it, we can add the humor to your page to boost your likes, followers, and ultimately your SEO.

How We Work Our Magic

  1. Send an email with your request, needs, audience and we’ll call you to discuss your budget, or call us toll-free at (323) 825-4018. We then have a personal conference about the requirements for your event.
  2. We are happy to meet via Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting, phone conferences, or face-to-face meetings at a location of your choosing anywhere in the Southern California area.
  3. Our creative team will assess your voice, your audience, venue and topics; and select the most suitable writers for you. The most successful material is transcribed, edited, and structured for your personal voice and needs to ensure that content and comedy is appropriate for the audience.
  4. In seven to ten days, you will receive the best pages of comedy material from your personal comedy writing staff, to ensure your performance is a hit with the audience. Once you have your pages, you will receive another conference to answer any questions, for additional editing, or to provide specific coaching. We keep working until you are satisfied.

**We uphold client privacy and confidentiality. 

** We are happy to send work samples at your request. Send requests to Tre’ at Tre@thehumorwriters.com or call 323-825-4018.